The History Of Garage Door Repair

We have been talking about garage doors here ever since because it is our business. But we have not yet taken the time to look back at how the garage door industry started. We have taken it for granted that garages (and garage doors) are part of our houses but when did it matter to have one installed in a house? Today, more than half or 63% of houses in America have garages according to the 2015 report of the American Housing Survey. This figure is just for houses that were constructed more than five years before the survey was conducted. For those newer housing units, the percentage is even higher which is at 71%. It is also notable that more houses in the West (76%) and Midwest (72%) have garages than those in the South (56%) and Northeast (49%). Given these figures, it is quite hard to imagine a time when houses did not have a garage. Well, yes indeed, there was a time when houses did not need to have garages. Can you guess when the need arose? Of course, you guessed it correctly! The need for garages arose when families began to own automobiles or cars as they needed space where their precious vehicles could be protected against different kinds of elements. At first, cars were very expensive so naturally, only the elite and rich could afford them. They had to park their vehicles in repurposed horse carriage houses. Those who owned cars had to rent a space in the repurposed carriage houses so that they had a place to park their automobiles. When the cars became more affordable for a larger number of people, the demand for parking spaces grew and the repurposed carriage houses could not accommodate them all aside from the fact that cars kept in the carriage houses smelled like the other domestic animals that were also housed in those places. Thus, it created a need for a garage in the homes of car owners and that is how the garage door industry started.

The very first home garages were designed like the carriage houses and their garage doors were like those of barn doors. With the frequency of opening and closing these doors, the barn doors were easily subject to wear and tear and could not handle the pressure. Thus, there was a need for a more durable door to keep the garages safe and protected. There was also a need to have a garage door that would not take up so much space when opened as well as the need to maximize the garage space.

The very first garage door was invented by C. G. Johnson. He invented the overhead garage door in 1921 which solved the need to maximize space in the garage. This kind of door could be folded upwards parallel to the ceiling of the garage. The very first overhead garage doors had to be lifted manually but some people had problems regarding the weight of the doors and found it cumbersome to do the lifting manually. That is why Johnson invented the electric garage door opener in 1926. It was also the beginning of his garage door service company named Overhead Door Corporation. Johnson would travel all over the United States to show his inventions to other people and promote his innovations. His inventions became popular and he was also able to establish a network of distributors in different areas for his products. And that was the start of the garage door industry. Other pioneers in the business were Cornell Iron Works and Wayne Door (previous name of Wayne Dalton Garage Doors). From then on, garage door manufacturers sought to make high-quality products, made lots of improvements on each design and style, and made use of available technology to make them even better.

So, there you have it. That is the brief history of garage doors and the different styles that we now have in the market – the carriage-house, traditional raised, and modern or contemporary design. If you are currently having your house constructed or renovated and are considering what kind of garage door style to install in your house, let us help you decide on that matter. We know that it is not an easy choice and we agree that it should not be taken lightly. Let’s admit that there are times that we want to go for a certain style because it is the “in” thing but that should not be the case. There are a whole lot of factors to consider in choosing the right style for your homes such as the functionality, materials, location, and budget (we share those with you in another blog post). Choosing the right style of garage door for your house will affect its value, curb appeal, and functionality that is why we really advise you to give it some serious thought.


Carriage house garage doors are reminiscent of the very first garage doors in history and like the good old barn doors, they swing open when you need to go inside or outside of your garage. And that is its main disadvantage for some, as swinging the doors open would mean that you need extra space outside to be sure that they can open wide. But the good news is that there have been major improvements through the years about its functionality and durability. Carriage house garage doors are also easy to customize. They can look very elegant and classy which will increase the curb appeal of your house. Aside from wood, they can be made of steel and composite. The style can further be enhanced by combining it with other materials such as glass.
Installing a carriage house garage door will also let you do away with the garage door tracks which some find inconvenient especially when they have to put something big inside their garage. According to, a website that specializes in home improvement and its cost, the basic carriage house garage door plus installation can cost somewhere between $1,535 and $1,930. You can also check your local hardware and DIY stores so that you can see for yourself how they look and how much they cost.

Traditional raised garage doors will give the exterior of your home a classic and timeless style. These kinds of garage doors are usually made of steel but there are also some units that make use of wood or fiberglass. The style can also be enhanced by combining it with other materials such as glass or using different hues and texture to improve its appeal and add some drama. The type of panels used – long, short, or bead, can add depth and details to the design. Depending on the material used, this style can offer durability and resistance against rust and dents. The price range for the installation of a traditional raised garage door is from $1,320 to $2,100. For those planning to buy their garage door from local home improvement stores, they are sold for around $250 per panel. This is just for the basic unit. It would be more expensive if you choose a door with design and higher insulation value.

The contemporary garage doors are best suited for modern homes. They give the home’s exterior that state of the art look and industrial appearance. They are typically made of glass and aluminum. When glass is used in the garage door, natural light can enter your garage so you can save on energy costs. These materials are also corrosion and rust-resistant which would mean lower maintenance and longer durability. They can also withstand different elements brought about by extreme weather conditions. The price for this style of garage door starts at $1,600.

These are the three garage door styles that are available in the market today. You can choose the rustic and countryside charm of a carriage house, or the classic and practical look of a traditional raised door, or go for the modern and updated look of a contemporary garage door. Choosing the right style for your home takes a lot of thought and consideration as you have to take into account other factors to make the style really work for you. As a smart homeowner, you will do your research and consult the professionals because you do not want to make a costly mistake in the long run. Installing the right style of garage door for your home is an investment. When done correctly, it would let you express your personal style while increasing the value of your home, the efficiency of your garage, and the strength and durability of your garage door. And that is saying a lot about getting value for your money.

So, who says you cannot have a stylish garage door with functional features? We say you can get the best of both worlds. Let your garage door express your personality and preference. At the same time, you can also let your garage doors perform all the features you need for it to serve its purpose well. As we always say, just do your research well so that you will not go wrong. You can choose to go the DIY route but make sure you have the right skills and tools for it. As for us, we always recommend that you consult professional garage door service providers so that you can get their expert advice regarding the right style of garage door for your home.

Mile High Garage Door Specialists entered the industry twenty years ago. It is a family-owned business with operations in the state of Colorado. We are professional garage door service providers who can provide you solutions for your garage door concerns from sales, installation, maintenance, and repair – for your residential or commercial garage door needs. All of our staff have undergone rigorous background checks and training to ensure that they can provide our clients with quality service across all our branches. For garage door styles, we have the carriage-house, contemporary, and traditional raised garage doors for you to choose from. You do not have to worry because we guarantee excellent and affordable services. Of course, our trusted garage door service representative will also go personally to your home to check what would be the most appropriate style for your home. After checking everything in your garage, our representative can give you a free estimate of the costs so that you can check your budget. They will give you their expert advice on the style that would suit your home best after considering the overall design of your home as well as your other needs for durability, aesthetics, security, functionality, and cost-efficiency. There are so many options to choose from as Mile High Garage Door Specialists carries different brands of garage door manufacturers. The garage doors also come in different colors and you can choose the materials they are made of. And if that is still not enough, we can customize everything for you! Yup, you read that correctly. We can tailor-fit every detail according to your choice, of course after doing all the technical considerations, to satisfy your needs and preferences. So, that means that you will surely get your money’s worth out of this investment because Mile High Garage Door Specialists wants to give you the best kind of service that you will get in the industry. This is not just something we say to seal the deal but you can check the raves and positive reviews that we have been getting from our clients and accreditors as a testament that we mean business and we will deliver on our promise. We are not just your contractor but we are your partner every step of the way. Yes, it does not stop after we install your new garage door. We offer warranties for our services and when you encounter a problem, you can call our 24-hour hotline and we will fix it for you. Mile High Garage Door Specialists is truly your trusted and respected garage door service provider.

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