Garage Door Spring Repair

Extension Springs Vs. Torsion Springs

When looking into getting your garage door springs repaired or replaced. Most importantly, you need to know what type of spring system you have for your garage door. There are two main types of spring systems: torsion springs, and extension springs.

Torsion springs are most often located above the opening of your door with springs slid onto the bar of your garage door. Most extension spring type systems can be found along the side of the opening garage door. It is very important to know whether a garage door repair company provides services for both of these types of springs. Mile High Garage Door Specialists professionally trained and expert technicians are always fully equipped to work on torsion and extension spring systems.

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The Best Practices for Precision Spring Repair

There comes a time where every homeowner experiences life’s inconveniences that come at the worst times. The last thing you want to happen, is to have your car stuck in the garage when you need it most! Even worse, when its only been a short period of time since your last garage door repair! This is why Mile High Garage Door Specialists lead the industry in garage door spring repairs. We ensure to provide the industries leading practices to make the best recommendation to every homeowner. To get the problem fixed the first time, and for a long time.

Repair Tip #1 – Go the extra mile, replace both springs!

It is not uncommon for most garage doors to have two springs installed at the same time. When one spring fails, or breaks, it is very common that the second springs life expectancy has expired as well.

We push customers to replace both springs in order to save you the hassle from any future inconveniences, unsafe garage door spring repair practices, and even damaging your garage door opener.

Mile High Garage Door Specialists will always recommend to replace both springs especially if one has already failed. To be put simply, if you have had the same set of tires on your car for a while and one fails, wouldn’t you want to replace them both?

We would! It is very important to keep up on the maintenance of your garage door equipment.

Repair Tip #2 – Ensure you are using the best springs!

Ultimately, garage doors come in various weights and sizes. The right garage door springs need to be installed in order to properly operate and balance the door. If a technician where to put the wrong spring on your garage door, not only will this damage the entire garage door system.

However, it will also cause the garage door opener to do more work than it is rated to handle. In the end, this is why Mile High Garage Door Specialists technicians only provide and install top of the line springs.

We ensure to provide the proper garage door spring for the door’s weight and work rating by performing a professional balance test on the system.

Repair Tip #3 – Perform a Professional Safety Inspection

Anytime a garage door spring is repaired, Mile High Garage Door Specialists provides a FREE safety inspection on the systems hardware and moving parts.

This helps to ensure that system are in good order and working condition to meet industry safety standards. Since all of the hardware was installed at the same time as the springs, it is very possible there are worn out mechanical parts as well on your door.

This can be a high safety hazard if not addressed and left unattended. Thinking into the future about spring failure as a symptom of a larger problem with your door is very likely.

Mile High Garage Door Specialists only incorporate the best industry safety practices to provide a FREE safety inspection. Ultimately, to maintain a safe environment for our technicians and our customers!

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Why is Mile High Garage Door Specialists Spring Repair is Above The Competition?

Corrosion Free Springs That Are Built To Last!

Mile High Garage Door Specialists only install corrosion free springs that are powder coated to be weather resistant to prevent corrosion. We back our springs, along with providing the industries best warranty services.

In a experimental test provided and performed by a third party research company, only Mile High Garage Door Specialists treated powder coated springs proved to be 100% resistant to the elements and corrosion.

The Best Garage Door Spring Repair You’ll Ever Pay For!

Just like your vehicle tires are rated by miles, your garage door springs are rated by an estimated number of operation cycles (1 Garage Door Cycle = your garage door going up AND down one time).

The springs that most of our competition uses are rated anywhere from 5,000-10,000 garage door cycles. Whereas our high-grade steel springs are rated anywhere from 10,000-30,000 cycles.

That is a substantial increase in usage and life expectancy! This is why Mile High Garage Door Specialists is able to back our work in our springs.

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Want To Know More About Our Warranty?

Furthermore, If a company tells you they are providing a warranty anywhere from 1-2 years, it usually means that they could be using cheap hardware. Not only will this not last as long as our products, but it’s inefficient and unsafe.

We provide a 3 year warranty on the hardware that we use for all of our installations. Simply because it is superior to all of the traditional garage door company’s methods and hardware. In more ways than one as well!

Simply put, Mile High Garage Door Specialists is so confident in our springs, if by chance it does break. You know who to call to fix it. We take pride in our work, and we hope that should anything fail you call the experts at Mile High!

Call Mile High Garage Door Specialists to learn more about our one of a kind installations and excellent Warranty Services!

How Much Does Garage Door Spring Repair Usually Cost?

Ultimately, we can’t begin to tell you how often we get questions about price over the phone. To give you a proper, and exact price quote we need to know the size, weight, and type of garage door springs needed (torsion or extension).

Ultimately, we carry over 30 different types of springs for all different types of garage door systems. We recommend that one of our professionally trained technicians visits with you to take proper measurements before giving you an exact price quote.

Call Mile High Garage Door Specialists to have one of our expert, professionally trained technicians head over to give you an estimate on your garage door spring repair today!

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